This course is aimed at developing the student’s ability in scientific analysis and providing them with opportunity for the   application of concepts and tools in dealing with social, economic, political and other problems. It covers design, methods research   of formulating research problem, sourcing and collection    of data. This course provides students with applied skills in understanding and conducting research in business. The course examines and explores a range of methods that align with theory building and testing. The basic focus of this course is on the understanding of how analytical and statistical techniques and thinking can aid in managerial decision making. Both qualitative and quantitative approaches are examined. Topics range from exploratory methods (focus groups, interviewing) to observation techniques, sampling, through to interpretation and evaluation of statistical analysis (data processing and research analysis using the latest versions of SPSS), thus, enabling them to turn raw statistical data into strategic information.

This course are acquiring knowledge and understanding of basic principles of business research methods. This course equips the participants with knowledge, skills and insights in business research methods. The philosophies, theories and principles that build the capability of students on recognizing research problems, streamlining them, solving them with logical and scientific inquiry will be covered at length. Both quantitative and qualitative research methods are equally emphasized as a guide in gaining insights in the business research process.  More specifically, such topics as research problem identification, standard measurement scales, quantitative research design, qualitative research design, mixed research designs, research instrument development, research proposal development, qualitative and quantitative techniques of data analysis which include both descriptive statistics as well as inferential statistics, writing research reports, etc will be discussed.