This course aims at providing students with concepts of decision making using decision criteria, linear programming, queuing, inventory management, and simulations models. In order to know significance of quantitative analysis in managerial decision making understand the different models of Operation Research appreciate the application of OR model in solving different quantitative problem. To make rational decisions based on quantitative evidence


This course aims at providing students with the necessary knowledge and skills for carrying out statistical analyses on different sets of data, and the ability to interpret the results of such analyses. This course includes operating SPSS 14.0 for Windows, a widely utilized statistics software package, quantitative tools for solution of management problems involving risk, competing objectives, and complex constraints. Advanced formulation and modeling of business problems in a spreadsheet environment, techniques of linear, integer, and nonlinear programming, multi-objective goal programming, and simulation.  Applications from finance, marketing, and operations.

  The course also includes hands-on experience with techniques for solving these problems, consider challenges that executives and organizations encounter when implementing these approaches, and tools and techniques for applying quantitative techniques to decision making.

Operations Research (OR) as one of the quantitative aid to decision making offers the decision-maker a method of evaluating every possible alternative (act or course of action) by using various techniques to know the potential outcomes. It includes Models and modelling, linear programming, transportation models, assignment models, decision models, project management techniques, and queuing models