This course deals with product development, facility planning, work and job design, operations planning and control systems. It also covers value engineering, quality assurance and materials management of service and manufacturing organizations. The skills necessary for resolving technical, administrative and behavioral problems in the operations of manufacturing and service organizations are presented in this course.  Topics include: product design, process design, capacity planning, location decision, facility layout, production planning and controlling, production scheduling, aggregate production planning, and statistical quality assurances. Operation management is a process of bringing people, machines and materials together to create goods and services in most efficient and effective way. Operations in business represent both the production of goods and the delivery of services. This course emphasizes on the development and design of products/services; the selection of location; the arrangement of manpower, machines and facilities; and the strategic importance of the management of production/services of a business organizations. The course covers product design, production process alternatives, facilities location and site, layout design, work measurement, deterministic and stochastic inventory management, techniques of production planning and quality control, the technologies (including computer systems) used in production/services.


Operations Management the heart of all management disciplines which bring competitive advantage and market focus for all business organization. Thus, the course covers Meaning of operations and production management, operations management as competitive weapon, product and service design, quality and quality control, capacity planning, location decision, layout decision, aggregate planning, scheduling, work design, and time-based operations.