Project is a distinct and well-organized group of activities to which economic resources are committed and is under taken within a specific time frame to achieve one or few specific objectives. Projects are associated to alleviating socioeconomic problems or enhancing business interests of business organizations. Project Management is the process of planning, implementing, and monitoring a set of activities to be accomplished within a specific time frame in ordertoachievesomespecificobjective/sthroughtheproductionandprovisionof some unique deliverable/s. This module, therefore, introduces the fundamentals of the project concept such as the meaning, attributes, characteristics, importance, and classificationofprojectsaswellastheirrelationswiththeenvironmentandstakeholders andthelifecycleconceptandmodelsofproject.Themodulealsocoversmeaning, features, and process of Project Management from a System point of view. The unique environment, functions, and roles of project management and project managers are given special consideration in this module. Such advanced issues as organizing and staffing the project office, team management, time management, and project leadership (stress and conflict management, performance management, working with executives etc) shall also be overviewed here.