A capstone course requiring the application and integration of principles from various disciplines including, finance, marketing, human resources management and in the solution of project managerial problems and the development and implementation of strategies in a changing environment. In addition to this, the course Strategic Project Management will help students align the project management effort with the emergent strategy of the entire organization and emphasizes on effective project management as a competitive weapon. The course must be taken during the last semester of the enrollment to the program. Topics such as the nature of strategic management, environmental analysis, successful and failed project analysis, competitive strategies, formulating project strategies, etc will be covered.

This course integrates the core functional disciplines of business within a strategic perception. The course introduces several strategic management concepts including industry analysis and dynamics, the organizational resource audit, strategic topologies the role of general manager and the management of strategic transformations. The principal objective is to develop and enhance student ability in problem identification, environmental and organizational and action implementation. While Policy focuses more on the purpose, mission, vision, or values, of the organization, Strategy deals more with developing top management's game plan for enabling the organization to adapt and exploit changes in its environment.  Since the problems, issues, and decisions facing senior general management are complex, messy, and quite unstructured, the overall purpose of this course is to provide conceptual and analytical tools to enable you to think strategically about how to effect positive change within the organization and in the society at large. The course is integrative, and builds on students' understanding of the functional areas of the firm including operations, finance, marketing, human resource management and organizational design. Through readings, case analysis, real world company strategy analysis, simulation and discussion, course participants will learn the processes, tactics and schemes for specific action that firms use to achieve their intended business objectives.